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Student Safety and Security
Your EET Business Development Executive is your direct contact person for ALL tour communications. This "ONE-POINT CONTACT" system simplifies the communication process and makes it more effective for you.

At EET, the participants’ safety is our number-one priority. From the selection of our suppliers to the measures that are taken before departure and during a program, EET ensures a safe and enjoyable travel experience for all.

Our customers tell us that they return year after year because of the unparalleled quality of an EET tour and the personal service they receive, attesting to our commitment to safety and security.

• LOGISTICS - While participants are on tour, all EET resources are available to the group. These elements include communications, operations, and logistics. All logistics have been carefully chosen by EET representatives and restaurants that the students will be visiting, will be of top standard.

• PLANNING YOUR TRIP - Overnight trips include dedicated security personnel monitoring the group through the night. These professional security assistants are on duty from 10:30 pm - 5:30 am. The security assistants are fully trained and pass extensive background checks.

• INSURANCE PROTECTION - Earnest Educational Tours, Inc., maintains extensive coverage. In addition to liability coverage, each tour participant is covered for accident, medical and dental.

• TRANSPORTATION - We use bus companies that have a proven safety records, they attain essential knowledge of the particular place and are over-whelming to the students and teachers.

• GROUP LEADERS - Our Group Leaders are trained to be safety conscious at all times and learn how to deal with a variety of emergency situations during their intensive training program.

• HELPLINE NUMBER - The phone numbers for the hotel and our toll-free number are provided prior to the trip departure. While on tour there is a 24HR emergency hotline number, should the parents need to contact their children in the event of a crisis.

• WORLD WIDE PRESENCE - We have our channel partners located in every part of the world. In case of emergency, assistance can be provided to the students and teachers immediately. Hence at any point of time in the day or night, support will be provided within minimal time period.