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Discover the world

Ever imagined, traveling the world with your friends? Chase Africa, shop in Europe or explore space at NASA with friends!

Traveling with old friends and making new ones is part of the fun of traveling abroad. These memorable adventures will stay with you for lifetime. Exploring history and science, understanding different cultures, exposure to various art forms in different societies, their beliefs and superstitions, different languages and life styles, besides journey to their past through monuments, forts, palaces and museums is what makes our trip worth travel. Experience an EET Tour; you’ll surely know the difference between a media programme and first hand knowledge!

Enhance career prospects

You might be away from the comforts of the regular routine; travel will make you feel more confident when you return home. You gain invaluable leadership skills, global awareness and an international perspective that will come, only when you are given an environment to explore/test yourself. You also tend to improve your grades, when you return home from your trip abroad. Why? Because you’re not just learning about the German Culture or Space Exploration, from a textbook; you actually live with it. It surely does increase the level of interest in what you study now…….

The Value of Earnest

As our name suggests, Earnest, we believe in reality, fixed determination and with correct intent of bringing out a child out of his shell by interacting with global culture, language, people, lifestyle, which would bring the best out of the student to present himself in the competitive world.

  • Improve Academic Achievements
  • Enhance Career Prospects
  • Discover your Potential
  • Understands the Global Culture and Lifestyle
  • Gives them a Global Outlook
  • Ability to handle difficult Situations
  • They understand the Value for Money
  • They become Independent and Self-Confident
  • Experience the World with your Friends
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • They learn to Share and Care
  • Stimulates, Inspires and Motivates them
“You make things happen, when the world is at your fingertips”